Apple AirPods 4: 2 New AirPods Coming in September

Apple AirPods 4: 2 New AirPods Coming in September

Apple AirPods 4 will hit the market this September with 2 new models. Here’s all the leaks and rumors about the 4th-gen AirPods.

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AirPods 4 Release Date

According to Mark Gurman, 4th-gen AirPods will enter production in May 2024. Apple will introduce these AirPods with the release of the iPhone 16 series. This will be around the 2nd or 3rd week of September 2024. Depending on the production, the release may be pushed to October 2024 as well.

Features of 4th-gen AirPods

Current leaks suggest that the upcoming 4th-gen AirPods models will feature a new form factor, better in-ear fit, improved sound quality, and a new charging case. Worth mentioning that only the top-tier model will feature active noise cancellation.

Speaking of new charging cases, AirPods 2024 models will come with a USB-C port charging case. The top-tier model’s charging case will also have a built-in speaker, which will be able to play sound for Find My Location tracking by Apple.

Apart from that, the new models may get a new hearing aid mode with iOS 18. Apple is working on a hearing test feature for the 4th-gen AirPods per leaks and rumors.

Previous Models

Upon releasing the Apple AirPods 4, the company will discontinue the 2nd-gen and 3rd-gen AirPods. Previous models may offer a good discount initially before getting discontinued.

Wrapping up

Apple AirPods 4, with new design and features, may become the most popular earphones in the market in 2024. Coupled with iOS 18, these AirPods may be able to do more than whatever we are expecting. Stay tuned to be updated.

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