Google Messages: New Features, New Functionalities, and More.

Google Messages: New Features, New Functionalities, and More.

Google Messages is getting popular these days. In November 2023, Google celebrated the milestone of 1M active users in a month, who were using the Messages app consistently. Upon achieving such a success, Google added hands full of new features to the Messages app. Here are the most exciting features of Google Messages that you may want to use right now.

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With Google Messages, you can do more than just text your friends.


The Photomoji is a new and interesting feature in the Google Messages app. You can custom react to any message or send a photo of yours as an emoji using this feature. Firstly, select a photo from your gallery or snap a new photo from the camera option in the Messages app. Upon selecting or capturing a picture, the app will remove the background if possible to make a Photomoji. However, to save or reuse a new one, you need to send it to someone initially.

Keep in mind, that you can not use Photomoji in between the words of your messages, it appears as a tiny attachment. You can react to a message using Photomoji, which will appear as a small image beside the text, just like reacting on WhatsApp.

Under the Photomoji tab, there is room for storing 30 Photomojis. You can delete some of them to add new ones. This feature is available for Android smartphones and tablets. Google Messages for desktops or the web version will support this feature shortly.

Animated Emojis

Even though emojis express emotions digitally, Google Messages have them animated to “properly express” your feelings. You can reply with a love emoji to someone’s good news, it will “sparkle with a dazzling pink heart.” There is more you can explore on the Messages app.

Reaction Effects & Screen Effects

Google took message reactions to another level with Reaction Effects. If you react to a message, there will be animated effects. For example, if you react with a simple thumbs up, “magic instantly unfolds as an animated trio of hands dances around the message bubble.” Currently, 10 emojis support Reaction Effects (including like, dislike, love, laughing, wow, angry, sad, celebrate, and so on), Google says that more are coming soon. This feature also applies to messages received from an iPhone.

Screen Effects make your messages come to life. There are “15+ hidden Screen Effects prompt words.” For example, sending “Sounds good” as a text message to someone will show several thumbs-up emojis from the left and right of the screen. This also applies to sending messages to an iPhone user.

Editing messages

Google Messages gives you the opportunity to edit a message even after sending it. However, this is an experimental feature that hides behind flags now. Enabling that flag, you will be able to edit messages that were sent in the last 30 minutes.

To edit a message, Long press on the message > Tap on the pencil icon > Editing window opens with edit history > Edit your message > Tap on the Tick.

Well, here’s a catch, if the recipient did not have this feature enabled, they will not be able to see the edits right now. Rather, they will see a separate message containing the edited message.

Voice Moods

Voice Moods is, basically, voice messaging on the Messages app with 9 different emotions to choose from. You can record a voice message by tapping the waveform icon at the bottom right corner of the Messages app. Upon recording the voice message, you will be able to select an emoji effect such as “heart-eye emoji, fume with fireballs, or break out the party popper so the recipient can hear your words along with a visual effect that expresses how you’re feeling at that moment.”

You may not be able to check your voice message in a crowded place, the Messages app will transcript that for you. It will show the voice message as a traditional text message. Google states that “in addition to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, this feature is also available on Pixel 6, Pixel 6A, Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Fold 4.”


Reminders are also available on Google Messages. You can add a reminder to a conversation. Next time you open the Messages app, it will show you the reminder. Apart from that, if you have contacts saved with birthdays or anniversaries in the Google Contacts app, you will get a gentle reminder on the Messages app on that day upon opening the app.

In-app Supports

At times messaging is not enough to connect with a friend. You may need to have a video call or want to meet in person. Google Messages has got you covered. If you receive a text like “Can we talk?,” a suggestion with a Google Meet icon will pop right next to the message so that you can opt for a video call. Imagine this, you received a text like “Let’s meet at 6 PM,” and a suggestion to add a calendar event is there. The Messages app is doing that too now.

If someone sends you a YouTube link, you can see that YouTube video within the Messages app without leaving the app. You can also react to that YouTube link.

Contact Businesses

You can contact businesses without leaving the Google Messages app, along with chatting with customer support, accessing boarding passes, and so on. You can save or star messages that you will need later on. If you need to communicate with a business you found on Search or Maps, start texting with them right away. This is available globally with supported businesses.

Wrapping up

Google Messages is not just a messaging app anymore. This can be your way of communicating with everyone you know and everyone you need in your life. The Messages app is getting better every day with new features and functions. Try all the interesting things you can do with the Messages app right now and tell us which feature you liked the most.

Comment below what your thoughts are. Share with your family and friends if you find this article interesting. Let us know if you have any leaks or want to share something. You can suggest technology to be explained by Xplnrs. Stay tuned for more.

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