Google Pixel 9 Pro: Leaks

Google Pixel 9 Pro: Leaks

Google Pixel 9 Pro will debut in the first week of October 2024. Google has planned new features evolving around their new AI and some hardware upgrades for Pixel 9 Pro. These leaks may surprise you.


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Pixel 9 Pro design

Google planned to stay with the same design of their Pixel lineup since 2022. You may have noticed the same horizontal camera module and form factor in the Pixel 9 Pro (from the featured image from OnLeaks / MySmartPrice) as the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have. However, the horizontal camera module will not be touching the side edges. To distinguish the Pixel 9 models from other smartphones, this camera module is pill-shaped and contained in the upper back panel of the Pixel 9 series. The horizontal placement remains at the same position.


The frame of this series will be made of recycled aluminum. We are not expecting any titanium variants as Google wants the prices of Pixel 9 Pro models within everyone’s reach.



Suspected Pixel 9 Pro variants

Did I say “Pixel 9 Pro models?” Well, a leak suggests that there might be 2 Pixel 9 Pro models, a 6.7-inch and a 6.3-inch Pixel 9 Pro. However, another source mentioned the existence of a 6.5-inch Pixel 9 variant, which is quite confusing on the Pixel-9-Pro front.


We assume that there will be a smaller Pixel 9 Pro along with the regular larger Pixel 9 Pro. However, we are not sure if the smaller 9 Pro will have a 6.3-inch or a 6.5-inch screen.



Pixel 9 Pro prices

Considering any of the above cases, the 6.7-inch Google Pixel 9 Pro variant may cost $999. Therefore, the 6.3-inch variant or 6.5-inch variant (if there will be any) will cost around $899. As mentioned above, Google wants the Pixel 9 series to be affordable to everyone.


Pixel 9 Pro’s hardware

Even though Google Pixel 9 Pro will be powered by Google Tensor G4 SoC (codename: “Zuma Pro,” TSMC’s 3 nm Chip), Android Authority stated related to the Pixel 9 series, “most likely be a smaller upgrade than initially planned.” Pixel 9 Pro’s chip will be competing head-to-head with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC. Currently, there are no benchmarks for the Tensor G4 chipset.



Pixel 9 Pro features

Google Pixel 9 series will be the first phones to be powered by Android 15. Thus, several new Android features will be there. Some of the features will be exclusive to the Pixel 9 series only.



2024 will be all about companies showing off their AI technologies. Google will introduce Pixie (Gemini-powered AI) for the Pixel 9 series, the new AI assistant. Google believes related to Pixie that it could “evolve into a far more personalized version of the Google Assistant.” Unlike most Galaxy AI features, Pixie will be able to run offline with Gemini Nano.


An interesting thing that Pixie will be able to do is “suggesting directions to the closest store where someone can buy a product they have photographed.” You get the idea, right? You take a photo of something and Pixie will show the closest locations of stores where you can buy that thing. This is a Pixie teaser.



Home and Lock screen widgets

With Android 15, new home screen and lock screen widgets are coming. Pixel 9 models will be the initial devices to feature those widgets. Leaks suggest that Google will introduce interactive lock screen widgets. That is, you will be able to take certain actions from the lock screen without unlocking your phone.


New camera

You may have noticed the featured image of this article is from OnLeaks / MySmartPrice. MySmartPrice mentioned about Pixel 9 Pro’s camera that “the large sensor on the camera island suggests that Google will likely equip the device with support for variable aperture.” Pixel 9 Pro’s main shooter is an ISOCELL GNV from Samsung.



Wrapping up

Google Pixel 9 Pro, right now, has a few potential leaks. Google is working on a lot of features for their Pixel series. However, most of the Pixel 9 Pro features are not confirmed yet by Google. Stay tuned as we collect reliable leaks and update this article.


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