Google Pixel Watch 3: Leaks

Google Pixel Watch 3: Leaks

Google Pixel Watch 3 has leaks suggesting some exciting features. Unlike previous Pixel watches, the Pixel Watch 3 may come in 2 different sizes with advanced gesture recognition and control. Let’s dive in.

Google’s patent for Pixel Watches, “Gesture Recognition on Watch Bezel Using Strain Gauges.”

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Google filed a patent on October 03, 2023, called “Gesture Recognition on Watch Bezel Using Strain Gauges.” The patent points to using smartwatches with gestures. Google may forgo all the buttons on the Pixel Watch 3 and introduce Gestures to perform actions on the Watch 3, such as opening an app, changing a song, and so on. By doing so, Google will be able to make the Watch 3 waterproof more effectively. This may change the entire smartwatch technology as we know so far.

Battery Life

Well, we are in the era where smartwatches like the OnePlus Watch 2 feature a 100-hour battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 lasts around 30 hours, and so on. Hopefully, Pixel Watch 3 will feature longer battery life unlike Pixel Watch 2’s 24-hour mark.

As a 45-mm larger Pixel Watch 3 is rumored, it is assumed that the bigger variant, at least, will offer decent battery life to compete with other OEMs.

Variants and Price

Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 had 41 mm models previously. Google is making a change this year. Pixel Watch 3 may feature a bigger 45-mm variant along with the traditional 41-mm variant. However, both models will come with identical features.

If you estimate a budget, the Pixel Watch 3 will cost around $349 for the base 41 mm model without LTE. This is the same price as the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 upon release. Apart from that, you must pay $50 more to obtain the 41 mm LTE Pixel Watch 3.

However, the Pixel Watch 3 45 mm model may cost around $379, and $429 for the LTE version.

Release Date

Pixel Watch 3 will debut with Google Pixel 9 series as per leaks. Therefore, this October is going to be a busy month for Google. However, the company did not mention anything about the watch or its release date.

Wrapping up

Google Pixel Watch 3 has a lot of leaks and rumors. Considering all the possibilities, it seems Google is going to bring a great smartwatch with lots of new and amazing features. Stay tuned for more leaks.

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