Last Epoch: A Popular Game to Try in 2024

Last Epoch: A Popular Game to Try in 2024

Last Epoch – the game that came out of nowhere is now one of the most popular games in 2024.

The Diablo-style action RPG has currently over 160,000 concurrent players on Steam.

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Last Epoch Stats

Well, 160,000 concurrent players in the last week is really a number in the gaming community. As the Path of Exile 2 is months away, this game is dominating Steam and growing every day. People prefer a place to loot and make communities with common interests, they have just got one.

Steam Reviews

Being a top 10 Steam title and positioned above Baldur’s Gate 3, the Last Epoch has mixed reviews. Well, which great game does not? However, after spending $34.99 out of pocket, you would surely expect to stay logged in and connected to the game. These issues were addressed last month. To refute on behalf of the game, developers are working hard with frequent updates to make the game better every now and then. Per gamers’ report, “many issues have been addressed already.” Apart from that, the game is solid in the performance and graphics department.

Why Last Epoch is So Popular?

You see, it is all about consistency and hard work. Last Epoch was not popular over a night or a week like Palworld. Some features of the game attracted gamers over time. This action RPG title has an extensive item crafting module and impressive build options in-game.

Potential Competitors

Well, Last Epoch has competitors, and they are literally doing good. Several games are now getting popular. But, only a few of them are growing super fast with new and interesting features.

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 – the co-op Starship Troopers with shooting genre has a lot of fans out there right now. Even though the game had server issues, gamers are loyal to the title. Speaking of being loyal, developers of Helldivers 2 are continuously updating and addressing issues based on the players’ reviews, which helped Helldivers 2 to earn respect in the gaming community.


Enshrouded – an open-world game with everything you would expect. The game has over 2M players who signed up for early access since its release in February 2024. Survival games are challenging, and mixed with Castles and hobbits, it is the perfect gaming recipe. Chris described Enshrouded as “Valheim crossed with Zelda,” Considering the 2M early-access signup, Studio Keen Games declared that the game will be offering early access for about 1 year. The studio will release the game finally as soon as the storyline is more cheesier.


Pokémon has a special place in all the cartoon fans. A Pokémon-like survival game should not go unnoticed. Palworld has the biggest blast in 2024. This survival game with guns and Pokémons was released back in 2021 and has taken over a significant gaming community in 2024. In the past 2 months, Palworld was able to bring over 25M players under its umbrella on Steam and Xbox. Trust me, people not only play this game but also navigate YouTube and TikTok to either show off their pals or share tips and tricks on efficient breeding techniques of the pals. Such open-world experience with cute creatures to catch, recruit, or fight with is rare. At least, is not seen on Nintendo or PlayStation.

Wrapping up

Last Epoch is a must-try popular game in 2024. The game is seriously enjoyable, which resulted in its huge community of fans and followers. The game is gaining popularity and growing every day. Try now and thank us later. Stay tuned for more.

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