Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks: Will Come in 2025

Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks: Will Come in 2025

Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks previously suggested a debut anytime in late 2024. The company declared that the next-generation console is scheduled to be released in Q1 of 2025.

Per leaks, Nintendo is “working on Switch 2 games with releases planned for early 2025.”

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Features of Nintendo Switch 2

Even though we know very little about Nintendo Switch 2, we have collected some leaks and rumors for you. These are the most popular and accurate leaks out there on the internet.


A rumor suggested that the Switch 2 may have backward compatibility with a 4K display. Per Engadget, visual quality will be “similar to that of the PS5 and Series X.” However, potential leaks suggest that there will be an 8-inch LCD screen. For better battery life and a reasonable price, Nintendo prefers an LCD over an OLED display for their upcoming Switch.

To support the 4K display rumor, the Switch 2 could have a co-processor. This chip may output 4K visuals while the console is docked and connected to a monitor or TV.


Switch 2 may be powered by Nvidia’s T234 processor, an 8-core processor paired with Nvidia’s RTX 30-series Ampere architecture. We are not sure about the storage options. Apart from that, the console will have 12 GB RAM.


Switch 2 will pack a lot in it. Considering all the features and new upgrades, Switch 2 will cost around $400 for the base model.

Release Date

Per VGC and Eurogamer, Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in Q1 of 2025. Nintendo does not want to face any shortage issues after the release of Switch 2. The original Switch was announced in October 2016 and was released in March 2017. Considering that history, Switch 2 will be announced at the Nintendo Direct showcase later this year. You will be able to get a Switch 2 around March-April 2025.

Games Nintendo Switch 2 Will Have

Well, this is getting interesting. Switch 2 will come with Mario Kart X in 2025. Per leaks by Zippo, Mario Kart X is “one of the most expensive games Nintendo has ever put into production.”

Apart from that, Nintendo’s EPD Tokyo studio is working on a new Donkey Kong game. Popular leaker, Necro, said that Far Cry 7 will be released on Switch 2 as well in fall 2025. We are collecting more leaks on this topic.

Wrapping up

Nintendo Switch 2, the next-gen Switch, will pack a lot of new features. The console will be compatible with a lot of games. Nintendo is working on a budget-friendly hand-held console that will be affordable to everyone. Good old days are coming. Stay tuned or Bookmark this article for Nintendo leaks.

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