PUBG Battlegrounds: 7th Anniversary Updates

PUBG Battlegrounds: 7th Anniversary Updates

PUBG Battlegrounds has reached its 7th year of success. On the 7th anniversary, PUBG Studios decided to bring several new features to offer a more extensive and interesting gaming experience. Here are the features you will encounter soon in PUBG.

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Destructible Environments

PUBG Studios will slowly introduce “Destructible Environments” starting with the April 2024 update. This feature will allow users to destroy buildings and other in-game infrastructures to defend themselves or create traps for the enemies while putting them into a usual situation. Each combat will be more competitive “with an enriched layer of strategy and tactics.”

Crafting Worlds

On March 13, 2024, a new update has been pushed to many gamers. This update will introduce new environments or worlds in Erangle. These worlds or environments will have their core features “that are specific to the season, collaboration, or mode, encouraging player interaction within these worlds.”

New Gunplay

Well, PUBG Battlegrounds has several weapon options. However, the studio noticed that most gamers are using only specific ARs and DMRs, and avoid other weapons. Therefore, by May 2024, new gunplay updates will roll out. SMGs will receive a new rebalance initially. With the new rebalance, all the guns will receive new refinements, including recoil, damage, firing speed, and so on. Players can access Gunplay Labs in the Arcade mode to experience these new changes firsthand.

Survival Items & Modes

For great combat, players need transportation and survival items. Battle Royale is all about surviving and fighting with tactics. With new updates, new support items will be found in-game, “like the Repair Kit, will be available as world spawn items.” 2 new character movements are coming this month, “vehicle vaulting and co-op climbing.” Apart from that, “portable Ziplines” are coming soon.

Fantasy Battle Royale is returning soon. PUBG does not want you to have a monotonous gaming experience. You will be able to do more with new modes and tactics in 2024.

Speaking of doing more, players are getting new vehicle skins and vehicles. The studio believes that it is high time to introduce more sports cars and supercars slowly.

Matchmaking Rating

A new matchmaking rating algorithm is coming in 2024. Facts PUBG considers when it comes to matchmaking are “connection stability, queue duration, skill level, and region of access.” However, at times, players need to wait more than 5-7 minutes to get into a match. This waiting period will be reduced to around less than 2 minutes.

Moreover, ranked matches prioritize RP over skills when it comes to matchmaking. Sometimes, this is not the best option and causes inequalities. The studio will focus more on players’ skills for matchmaking ratings soon. To facilitate a great and competitive gaming experience, there may be map rotations for all. Thus, you will never know with whom you will be playing and where you will be playing.

Bot Refinement

Well, a great update is coming on the Bot front. PUBG is working on refining the behavior of the Bots. With new updates, Bots will feature advanced skills and tactics, which will not be easy to tackle anymore. Bots will be able to “maneuvered through the smoke to assist teammates or execute your favorite strafing techniques.” However, considering new players’ skills, these refinements may vary from match to match.

Recall System

All 8 x 8 maps will receive a recall system. However, comeback BRs will be decommissioned. This is currently in progress. This is to ensure more competitive gameplay.


PUBG claims to be working with their Anti-Cheat feature, which has an impressive result. Last year, the studio banned “3,188,276 accounts – a 33% increase over last year (2022).” A new Anti-Cheat system will be enforced with the upcoming patches “to neutralize illicit tools like Anti-ESP, and tackling methods used to bypass hardware bans.”

PUBG is working on a new penalty scheme. This will tackle the use of illegal software across all modes and prevent the re-entry of a banned user to the game.

A new deep learning AI model has been developed by the studio to ensure unmistakable signs of violating in-game policies and using any illegal software, such as “aimbots, ESP, and recoil manipulation.”

Wrapping up

Since 2017, PUBG Battlegrounds has been a great game. With new features and dynamic combat options, the game earned popularity and respect in a very short time. The studio prefers to hold that reputation and offer more to the loyal players. It seems we are going to spend a lot of time with PUBG Battlegrounds this year.

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