Sea of Thieves: Coming to PlayStation on April 30

Sea of Thieves: Coming to PlayStation on April 30

Sea of Thieves – one of the most popular Xbox titles is coming to PlayStation. Currently, the game is the #1 pre-ordered game on PlayStation.

Rare-developed and Microsoft-published Sea of Thieves is the #1 pre-ordered game on PlayStation.

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On February 15, 2024, Microsoft confirmed bringing 4 Xbox-exclusive titles to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. The initial batch is comprised of Sea of Thieves, Grounded, Pentiment, and Hi-Fi Rush. Since then, gamers started to pre-order Sea of Thieves, which makes this a burning topic in the gaming community.

PlayStation Release

You know, SoT’s pre-order remains open till April 16, 2024. The game will launch on PlayStation5 on April 30, 2024. However, you will need a PS Plus subscription for online play. Sea of Thieves, the base game, costs around $39.99. The Deluxe Edition has a price tag of $49.99. The Premium Edition with Season 12 Plunder Pass will charge you $59.99.


Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer sandbox pirate adventure title, which is currently played by millions of players across Xbox consoles and PCs. As the game is very popular, Microsoft decided to break the ecosystem barrier. See, you cannot hold gamers within an ecosystem. The gaming industry is dynamic, and there are several options out there. It is more about the games than the consoles or platforms.

Microsoft’s Experiment

However, Microsoft made it clear to “not to expect” more than these 4 titles initially for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Upon receiving satisfactory responses, the company may bring more games to PlayStation and other platforms. Till then, Rare’s SoT will explore PlayStation and Nintendo’s experience. At this point, the response seems quite promising.

Here’s the thing, Microsoft would like to see if there is a decrease in Xbox’s monthly active users after expanding some games to other platforms. The company claims that Xbox has the most active monthly users right now. They want to see how easily gamers can enjoy titles published by the company without losing revenue.

Wrapping up

Sea of Thieves, a unique oceanic adventure game with hidden treasures and ship-to-ship combats, has been a very popular co-op title since its release in March 2018. Being released to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, the game will allow several gamers to connect among different platforms.

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