WhatsApp: Options to Improve Messaging with Text Formatting

WhatsApp: Options to Improve Messaging with Text Formatting

WhatsApp has been a very popular messaging app with a lot of options and features for a while now. However, Meta decided to take things further with the messaging experience of WhatsApp. Here are the new text formatting options you can use in WhatsApp while texting with your family and friends.

Bulleted lists, Numbered lists, Block quotes, Strikethrough, and a lot of options are there in WhatsApp right now.

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Text formatting impacts a lot when it comes to personalized messages. How do you feel about sending your shopping list to your partner? Do you like to send block quotes in a message with styles to highlight your thoughts? Well, WhatsApp has got your back.

Bulleted lists

Pretty self-explanatory. You can send bullet points to whomever you want with a summarized to-do list or a shopping list. You just need to place a minus sign (-) followed by a space before your text. That’s it.

Numbered lists

We have seen people sending numbered instructions via WhatsApp messages. The numbered list looked horrible at that time. Moreover, it was difficult if you needed to add an item in between. Thanks to WhatsApp, now we can send a numbered list. To use this format, you need to add a number, put a period after that, and add a space. You will get your numbered list right away.

Block quotes

Block quotes are very helpful to highlight text in a long message. You can add this “>” symbol and add texts as block quotes.

Inline code

This is a very handy tool for programmers, as well as to highlight a text. You can type anything between this “`” symbol to add an inline code to your WhatsApp message. For example, `This is an inline code.`

Basic Text Formats

To bold a message, you can wrap your WhatsApp message with “*” (asterisks). For example, *This is a bold message.* To use the Italic format, you need to wrap your WhatsApp message with “_” (underscores). For example, _This is an Italic message_. Do you know that you can send a message containing Strikethrough texts via WhatsApp? Yes, you can do that using “~” (Tilda) before and after your message. For example, ~This is a Strikethrough message~. Last but not least, you can use Monospace with a WhatsApp message using the following format, “`This is a Monospace message.“` How cool is that!

Wrapping up

WhatsApp and its new messaging options are going to improve the overall messaging experience. Recently, Google Messages also incorporated several new features. This competition will lead us to a better and customizable messaging platform shortly.

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