Discord Chat App: More Games and Apps Are Coming

Discord Chat App: More Games and Apps Are Coming

Discord is allowing developers to develop games and apps to be used in the Discord Chat App without leaving Discord. The feature will be available to all developers soon in mid-March 2024.

New Games and Apps can be played inside the Discord Chat App.

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A new section with mini-games and apps has been added to Discord for over a month now. However, starting on March 18, 2024, developers in Discord will be able to get access to a new App SDK. This is not the initial release of in-app support. Discord has an “Activities” feature to incorporate YouTube, promote mini-games, and allow users to use and share whiteboard experiences. Worth mentioning that these features were available to selective developers.

The upcoming App SDK will take developers to the “Activities” section of Discord. In that section, developers will be able to add their mini-games and also play mini-games created by other developers. Per Discord, “We want Discord to grow into the best place for developers to do it all: build, share, distribute, be discovered, and monetize their work,”

Apps Across Discord Servers

Currently, Discord is working to allow users to add Apps to their accounts as well. Doing so, Apps will roam through servers. This will give developers to obtain more insights and performance data against their Apps. This feature may also be released with the App SDK on March 18, 2024.

Pitch Your Apps

You can pitch your App to Discord and earn up to $30,000. Discord is also allowing developers to come up with their prototype App ideas and will fund the best ones. In 2023, several AI App ideas won funding from Discord, such as Art Arena, Coral Reef Cam, Teranga, Towntopia, and so on.

Wrapping up

Discord Chat App will provide more controls to developers. This will eventually result in new in-app experiences and will improve user growth. Stay tuned to learn more.

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