OnePlus Watch 2: Early Overview

OnePlus Watch 2: Early Overview

OnePlus Watch 2 has been announced recently. It seems OnePlus gathered all the great ideas and came up with an awesome smartwatch. Starting from a great battery life to several health monitoring features, Watch 2 can be your day-to-day companion. Here’s an early overview of the OnePlus Watch 2. 

OnePlus Watch 2’s dual processor with dual OS maximizes battery life without compromising performance!

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Design and Build

OnePlus Watch 2 is a wonderful smartwatch. The chassis is made of Stainless Steel with a circular display (discussed later) protruding outward. The design follows the OnePlus 12’s signature circular camera module. However, the back is made of plastic with two-color injection molding.

The Watch 2 needs an operating temperature between -20℃ and 55℃ to function properly. Watch 2 has a MIL-STD-810H Certification, which includes, “low pressure (altitude), High temperature 70℃, Low temperature -40℃, Temperature shock, Solar radiation, Rain, Humidity and heat test, 96-hour salt spray, Sand and dust, Immersion, Vibration, Impact, Temperature humidity-altitude, Fluid contamination, Acidic atmosphere, Ice accumulation, and freezing rain.”

Also, the watch is IP68-certified for up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes and is waterproof (5 ATM). Please make sure to keep Watch 2 away from seawater and beaches, as recommended by OnePlus, “the device is not suitable for the following activities or environments: hot water shower, sauna, hot springs, deep diving, or diving. Liquid and dust damage is not covered under warranty.” 

Display and Screen

OnePlus Watch 2 comes with a 1.43-inch circular AMOLED (466 x 466 pixels, ~326 ppi density) gorgeous display. The cover plate is protected by 2.5D Sapphire crystal. This screen offers 600 nits of maximum brightness along with AOD. The screen can also go up to 1,000 nits of peak brightness. The display is very responsive and sharp to look at, even under direct sunlight.

Hardware and Software

OnePlus Watch 2 is powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon® W5 Gen 1, which is a 4 nm SoC and also has a BES 2,700 chip. Watch 2 has a 2 GB RAM with 32 GB ROM.

The Watch 2 is rocking Google WearOS 4 with support for certain Google apps (Assistant, Wallet, Maps, Calendar, Phone, Messages, and Gmail) along with RTOS.

Here’s the catch, Qualcomm® Snapdragon® W5 Gen 1 and BES 2,700 are 2 different processors rocking WearOS 4 and RTOS respectively. Snapdragon® W5 Gen 1 coupled with WearOS 4 handles intensive tasks if a user interacts with the watch, otherwise, only whenever needed. On the other hand, the watch mostly uses the BES 2,700 chip with RTOS to tackle basic and minor tasks, as well as when the watch is in standby mode. This dual-processor and dual-operating system helps to minimize power consumption, resulting in a great battery life.

Back to WearOS 4, there is a massive collection of custom tiles and complications to customize the watch UI. The watch faces are great to look at with several custom widgets. However, OnePlus suggests using official watch faces if battery life is a concern.


OnePlus Watch 2 comes with WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n along with Bluetooth 5.0. The longest supported Bluetooth® transmission distance is 10 m between the OnePlus Watch 2 and the smartphone or tablet it is connected to. Supports dual-frequency L1+L5 GPS with Beidou, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and QZSS.

Fitness Tracking

OnePlus Watch 2 offers around 100+ sports modes along with 6 automatic recognition (running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing machine, and elliptical machine) modes. Professional sports modes include outdoor skiing, running, Tennis, Badminton, pool swimming, jump rope, hiking, cycling, and so on.

Wellness Tracking

OnePlus Watch 2 comes with a lot of wellness tracking features. Sleep monitoring is one of them. With the Watch 2, sleep stages (deep, light, REM, waking), sleep score, breathing rate, snoring risk assessment, blood oxygen, and daily sleep report are monitored. Apart from these, current heart rate, high/low heart rate warning, resting heart rate, and baseline heart rate are also monitored. You can get daily activities and achievement reminders. Even though several health-tracking features are offered by the watch, there is a catch.

“Outputs are generated for fitness and wellness references and not intended for medical use. OnePlus Watch 2 can be used for standalone health tracking, however, data stored will not be displayed after seven (7) days. Historical data will be stored for access in the “OHealth” mobile application.”

– OnePlus

OnePlus Health Tracking App

Well, like every OEM, OnePlus also has a health-tracking app. For tracking health data collected by the Watch 2, OHealth, the OnePlus Health app, needs to be downloaded from Google Play. It is supported by Android 8.0 and above with a GMS version of 23.45.23 and above. Worth mentioning that, iOS and Android (Go edition) devices will not support the app. To utilize the health tracking feature, a user must allow data recording access to OnePlus. OnePlus claims to manage and process data according to the OnePlus Privacy Policy.

Battery Life

OnePlus Watch 2 has a 500 mAh battery with up to 12 days of power saver mode, 100 hours of smart mode, and 48 hours of heavy use mode. The Watch 2 takes around 60 minutes to hit 0-100% charge and with a 10-minute fast charging, can last up to 24 hours. OnePlus states, “OnePlus Watch 2 and OnePlus phones, when used together, will provide the best experience.”

When the Watch 2 was first announced, the offered 100-hour battery life created a lot of excitement. OnePlus, at that time, did not mention anything about under which circumstances 100-hour battery life was considered for the Watch 2. However, from the OnePlus website, we have learned about 2 different usage scenarios.

To obtain 100-hour battery life on a single charge from the OnePlus Watch 2, it has to use an official watch face, AOD should be turned off, and health monitoring should be set to default. You can also avail a 48-hour of heavy usage battery life which includes having a third-party watch face (dual engine architecture turned off), AOD turned on, and health monitoring set to default.

Apart from that, here’s a chart provided by OnePlus for Watch 2 on certain use cases.
FeaturesSmart ModeHeavy Use Mode
Bluetooth14.2 hours/day12.2 hours/day (with AOD standby)
Wifi1 hour/day2 hours/day (with AOD standby)
Sleep monitoring6.5 hours/day6.5 hours/day
Raise wrist to light up screen220 times/day300 times/day
Receive messages130 times/day180 times/day
Screen operation20 min/day30 min/day
Incoming call reminder 5s6 times/day6 times/day
Bluetooth call5 mins/day5 mins/day
Sync data500 times/day500 times/day
Bluetooth + headset for music15 mins/day30 mins/day
Outdoor running with GPS30 mins/day30 mins/day (Google Maps linked 15 mins/day)
Alarm3 times/day3 times/day
Battery life100 hours48 hours
Data: OnePlus

Price and Variants

OnePlus Watch 2 comes in 2 color variants: “Black Steel” and “Radiant Steel.” The price is $300. This is a decent deal if you prefer to have a great smartwatch with all the good features. 

Wrapping up 

To summarize the OnePlus Watch 2 overview, its gorgeous design and solid build quality will attract a lot of people to own the Watch 2. Worth mentioning, the popularity of the Watch 2 is in the hands of its battery life. This is undoubtedly a great smartwatch to have in 2024 compared to other brands and their prices.

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