New Instagram Feature: An Idea from Snapchat

New Instagram Feature: An Idea from Snapchat

A new Instagram feature is coming soon, which may look similar to what we already have on Snapchat. Here’s more about Instagram’s Friend Map.

Instagram Friend Map offers a lot to do with your friends’ location.

Friend Map: Overview

Recently, a Thread was shared that revealed Meta is working on a new feature for Instagram. The feature has much to do with your friends’ location on Instagram. You guessed it! It is like the Snapchat’s Snap Map. With Instagram’s Friend Map, you will be able to see the locations of your friends, as it is supposed to be. Their posts will also be displayed there. On top of that, the feature lets users leave notes on the map.

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Instagram’s Ghost Mode

Well, sometimes, people prefer privacy. Therefore, you can choose particular friends to see your location via Friend Map only. You can also opt for Ghost Mode, where you can “hide your last active location.” Location via Instagram is end-to-end encrypted and shared only when a user accesses Instagram.

Release Date

According to leaks, the feature seems very stable. Meta may initially incorporate this feature to the beta users for final tests and eventually, will roll out to the public in a month.

Wrapping up

The new Instagram feature, Friend Map, is pretty much a Snapchat feature. However, after reels, this feature will allow Instagram to hold more users to the platform and may take many users off of Snapchat. Such competition will allow both platforms to offer better user experience over time.

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