iOS 18: Leaked Features

iOS 18: Leaked Features

iOS 18 is “the biggest update in the iPhone’s history.” Mark Gurman mentioned this information in his Power On newsletter. We have collected several leaks about significant upgrades you may want to look at.

iOS 18’s leaked features include AI integration with Siri.

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Launch date

Apple will hold WWDC in June 2024, where Apple will be launching iOS 18 beta for developers and subsequently public beta for interested users. The launch date will be around 2nd or 3rd week of June 2024. Public beta may be available in mid-July 2024. iOS 18 will be available on iPhones in September 2024.

iOS 18 features

iOS 18 will come with a lot of upgrades and changes. We, fortunately, started to collect leaks. As Dynamic Island has been introduced to non-Pro iPhone models also, this time, iOS 18 will work with Dynamic Island to enhance its functionalities even more with AI.

Apple is rebranding “Apple ID” to “Apple Account.” This feature will be introduced with iOS 18 upon release.

RCS Support

In November 2023, Apple mentioned cross-platform messaging through the Messages app. This feature was assumed to be available in late 2024. Hopefully, this RCS standard cross-platform messaging support will be available on iOS 18.

RCS support on Apple’s messaging app will improve features like sharing high-resolution videos and photos, high-quality audio messages, typing and reading receipts with indicators, and messaging via the internet between iOS and Android devices.

Siri with generative AI

Isn’t it obvious? 2024 will be all about AI; starting with Galaxy AI. Apple improved Siri over time as a voice assistant. However, with the upcoming iOS, Siri will be able to do more. Apple is integrating advanced AI features into Siri as per current leaks and rumors.

It is assumed that Siri will auto-complete your unfinished sentences in iMessage and other messaging apps, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and so on. This voice assistant will be able to do several complex tasks for you as well, like writing a note for you, “SiriSummarization,” creating a speech, managing your files, attending calls, and so on.

Keyframer: AI animation tool

Apple has been working on AI for a long time. However, with iOS 18, Apple is planning a lot. Keyframer is an AI tool by Apple that will allow users to create animation. You can take a picture of a ball and trigger a command like “bounce the ball 3 times,” and it will do the magic.

Per Apple, “Keyframer is more powerful than existing tools which aim to do the same thing because it’s possible to refine ideas – either using more text prompts or manually editing the CSS code generated by the AI system.”

FaceTime message

Well, this is something new and has potential rumors about the concept. Apple may introduce FaceTime messages with iOS 18. This will be a short video that you can send as a message to other iPhone users via the FaceTime app. FaceTime messages of iOS 18 could be more like a TikTok video.


When an improved version of a product is announced, it is assumed that there will be some redesigning as well. A lot of people appreciated visionOS. On February 25, 2024, Mark Gurman wrote regarding iOS 18’s new design that “the company is indeed working to update the design of iOS as early as this year, but I don’t believe it will be a total overhaul that mirrors visionOS.” Mark Gurman also mentioned that Apple considers iOS 18 as “ambitious and compelling” with new designs and features.

iOS 18-supported devices

iOS 17 was supported by the iPhone XR and the future iPhones. Based on the leaked features, iOS 18 will support iPhones starting from iPhone 11 and future models.

Wrapping up

iOS 18 will be a huge step up for Apple if the company plans to integrate generative AI. There is a high chance that Apple will improve Siri’s functionalities. AI competition is on, therefore, the upcoming iOS will surely have creative and communicative AI features. As leaks and rumors are coming out, stay tuned to be updated.

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