Apple iPad Air 2024: Leaks

Apple iPad Air 2024: Leaks

Apple iPad Air 2024 is about a month away in addition to the new iPad Pro models. According to leaks and rumors, this is going to be a big step for iPad Air as Apple is working on a bigger version this year.

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For light tasks, media consumption, and attending video calls now and then, plan to pick a 2024 iPad Air.

New form factor

The new iPad Air 2024 will follow mostly the same design language as the previous iPad Pro models. There will be the same flat-edged and box-shaped 10.9-inch model along with a new 12.9-inch variant. For the first time, Apple is bringing iPad Air in 2 different sizes. This leak has been validated by several experts including Bloomberg.

New camera module

Apple iPad Air 2024 models will feature a new camera module. Previously, the iPad Air had a single circular camera cut-out on the top left corner at the back. This time, the camera module will look similar to the iPhone X’s with a small protrusion. This may follow the same anticipated design as the iPhone 16 base models.

Worth mentioning that, there may be no camera flash on the upcoming iPad Air models. Apple did not state anything related to the camera flash of the new iPad Air models. However, a protruded camera module with no flash indicates a new camera with new features. We need to wait a bit for more leaks on this matter.

No Magic Keyboard for iPad Air

Yes, you have heard us. iPad Air 2024 models will not be compatible with Magic Keyboards, as rumored. Even though iPad Pro models will feature a new and improved Magic Keyboard this year, both the iPad Air models will miss out on this. Per Mark Gurman, “the new Magic Keyboard provides another differentiator for the iPad Pro. Apple isn’t planning a new version of that accessory for the iPad Air.”

Apple iPad Air 2024 features

The iPad Air series is focused on light tasks with a medium-sized form factor. This year, the iPad Air models will feature a bigger screen as mentioned before. On top of that, as rumors suggest, Apple may incorporate the M3 chip into the 2024 iPad Air series to make them more efficient. These tablets will also feature Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 support for connectivity. Chances are pretty high that the iPad Air models will feature wireless charging as well. However, both the Air variants will have the same LCD screen as their predecessor.

Release Date

It is assumed that the iPad Air 2024 series will be released soon in the last week of March or at the very beginning of April 2024.

Wrapping up

Any of the Apple iPad Air 2024 will be a great iPad to have, even though, we know very little about them. If you are a light user, enjoy reading and media consumption, attend video calls now and then, and do not have any hardware-intensive tasks, a 2024 iPad Air would be your best buddy. Stay tuned for more leaks.

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