Apple iPad Pro 2024: Leaks

Apple iPad Pro 2024: Leaks

Apple iPad Pro 2024 will be announced in late March 2024. Even though it is a month away, there are a lot of leaks and rumors about the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro.

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Design-wise, Apple iPad Pro 2024 models will have some upgrades. Leaks suggest that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model may be bumped to a 13-inch model. The 11-inch iPad Pro will maintain the same dimensions. The corners will be a little more rounded with a lesser bezel. Apple, however, will keep the box-shaped form factor. Another leak suggests that the Apple iPad Pro 2024 will feature a glass back. Considering that, you will be able to charge the upcoming iPad Pro variants via MagSafe. Reverse wireless charging will be another handy feature for these Pro iPads as well.

You might see some improvements on the Magic Keyboard. The current Magic Keyboard received feedback on having smaller keys and a compact trackpad. Leaks suggest that “the iPad Pro will look even more like a laptop than the current setup” while adding a “larger trackpad.” Well, a larger trackpad is always appreciated. Also, the Magic Keyboard may feature an aluminum finish to give you a better feel on your hands.


Well, here is the thing, iPad Pro 2024 will have OLED displays for the first time as per Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement in November 2023. According to Tom’s Guide, the OLED display for iPad Pro entered into production in February 2024. The OLED display will be far better than the mini-LED display of the iPad Pro 2022. Mark Gurman stated that the iPad Pro’s OLED panel will be “crisper and brighter” and “will reproduce colors more accurately.”


Per Mark Gurman, Apple will introduce M3 MacBook first followed by iPad Pro. Apple M3 is manufactured by the TSMC’s 3 nm process. This means there will be more power and efficiency coming into your hands. Benchmarks have not leaked yet.

Release date

You know, the 6th-gen iPad Pro came out in October 2022, the 5th-gen was released in April 2021, and the 4th-gen was announced in March 2020. Considering previous iPad Pro release dates and ongoing leaks, iPad Pro 2024 will be announced in the last week of March 2024 or early April 2024.


With significant upgrades on display and specs, Apple iPad Pro 2024 will cost a little more than the previous iPad Pro series. Leak suggests that there might be a $160 price bump for the upcoming iPad Pro models. If true then the 11-inch iPad Pro will cost around $959 and the 13-inch iPad Pro will cost nearly $1259 for the base models. Speaking of base models, Apple might drop the 128 GB variant this year to balance between cost and specs.

Wrapping up

Apple iPad Pro 2024 series with OLED screens will be one of a kind. Powered by an M3 chip will make these Pro iPads preferable to many. On top of that, if you are getting a better revamped Magic Keyboard, I think the Apple iPad Pro 2024 would be a great purchase. Stay tuned for more leaks and rumors.

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