Apple iPhone 17 & iPhone 17 Plus: Leaks

Apple iPhone 17 & iPhone 17 Plus: Leaks

Apple iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus to feature an LTPO OLED panel in 2025. Leaks suggest that Apple is planning to work with a Chinese supplier for this. Here are the leaks to check out.

The iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus to feature LTPO OLED panels in 2025.

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Apple iPhone 17 Leaks

According to The Elec, Apple is planning to equip all the iPhone 17 models with LTPO OLED displays. For perspective, base iPhone models now have an LTPS display. This is, probably, how Apple is going to incorporate ProMotion or higher refresh rates to the non-Pro iPhones in 2025.

Since 2021, only the top-tier iPhone Pro models came out with a ProMotion display. Base iPhone models are still rocking a 60-Hz panel, even though at the same price point, every other company offers at least a 90-Hz OLED panel.

Apple’s Plan with LTPO Panels for iPhone 17

You see, at a certain point, the new iPhones started to offer less. Upgrades are incremental and more focused on performance adjustments. The iPhone 14 series and iPhone 15 series have very little difference between them. Should you have an iPhone 14, you may skip the iPhone 15 provided you care less about only the advertised numbers than the actual user experience.

The iPhone 17 series needs a noticeable upgrade to get the spotlight in 2025, thus, incorporating an LTPO display into the base models seemed reasonable to Apple per leaks. As much as the news is fascinating to all, this also indicates that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have the same Super Retina XDR OLED (LTPS) display as the iPhone 15 base models this year.


Per leaks, a Chinese supplier BOE will be working with Apple to supply the necessary LTPO panels for the iPhone 17 series. Apple could also reach out to LG or Samsung for the LTPO panels if BOE is unable to meet the demand initially. In that case, we may need to wait till 2026 for the iPhone 18 models to come with LTPO OLED panels instead of the iPhone 17 series.

Advantages of LTPO Panels on iPhone

Speaking of LTPO OLED panels and ProMotion, the iPhone offers a dynamic refresh rate that switches the screen flickering from 1 Hz to 120 Hz based on users’ use cases on the Pro models since 2021. When you are just reading an article, like this one, and the screen remains mostly static, the refresh rate can go down all the way to 1 Hz. On the other hand, when you are scrolling through apps or playing graphics-intensive games, the screen can refresh its content up to 120 times/second, i.e. 120 Hz, to offer insanely buttery-smooth scrolling and great visuals with fluid animations.

However, still, a lot of apps and games do not support the 120-Hz refresh rate. While using those apps and games, the refresh rate of the iPhone Pro models gets locked at 60 Hz straight.

The reason Apple introduced this feature is to improve battery life whenever possible and offer an outstanding user experience whenever needed. The ProMotion also takes advantage when it comes to AOD, which shows the clock, calendar, and widget contents even when the screen is off. At that time, the refresh rate remains at 1 Hz.

Wrapping up

Apple iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Plus are around 2 years away from now. However, there are leaks and rumors as everyone is excited to know what’s coming next. ProMotion to come to base iPhone models is a long-awaited feature. It seems Apple is finally considering bringing LTPO OLED displays to the non-Pro iPhone models with ProMotion display.

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