Google Chrome Version 122: Your Browser Can Do More

Google Chrome Version 122: Your Browser Can Do More

Google Chrome, one of the fastest browsers, is moving towards the stable release of version 122. With the advancement of AI, Chrome is working on bringing several features to make browsing effective and intuitive. Here is everything to know about Google Chrome Version 122.

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Google Chrome Version 122 will come in March 2024

Help Me Write

After introducing an AI-powered tab organizer, Google started to focus on Help Me Write. Help Me Write, an AI tool, allows users to refine or draft text. This is accessible upon right-clicking on any highlighted text or in an empty field on a website. You get a dialog box, write down keywords of your thoughts, and Help Me Write will generate draft text based on your keywords. However, this feature will not be available to everyone initially in Chrome Version 122. Google stated related to Help Me Write that it is for “a limited set of signed-in users in the US.”

Read Aloud

Google has been working on Read Aloud for a while now. The feature already exists in Chrome Version 121 as an experimental feature. You can access this feature using this Chrome Flag, chrome://flags/#read-anything-read-aloud. This feature allows users to have anything read aloud from the current Chrome tab. Read Aloud is coming to Android and iOS with the release of Chrome Version 122. Initially, this feature will be under the overflow menu.

Redesigned Tab

When was the last time Google Chrome’s interface received a new design? Well, was not recently for sure. Therefore, Google is working on some redesigns for Chrome’s tab, mostly targeting mobile apps. The “New tab” option on Android and iOS is coming to the bottom right corner as a floating action button with Chrome Version 122. This “New tab” button was previously at the top left corner, which was a bit difficult to use. However, it is unclear if Google will relocate the tab switcher, which currently resides on top of the screen.

New Incognito Mode

Well, Google Chrome’s incognito mode does not give a clear idea of how safe your data is when you visit a website. You know, Chrome itself does not store any data while you use incognito mode. However, websites and advertisers can use your device’s information to obtain your profile data. With Chrome Version 122, incognito mode will inform you about how your data can be used by websites you visit via a brand-new privacy disclaimer.

Per the new incognito mode disclaimer, “others who use this device won’t see your activity, so you can browse more privately. This won’t change how data is collected by websites you visit and the services they use, including Google.”

Tabs from Other Devices

Cross-platform support is a must nowadays. Everyone prefers the concept of “picking where left off” when it comes to using the same app on different devices. Chrome Version 122 will allow you to jump on different devices and use Chrome just where you left off on the previous device. Chrome will show a card on the home page entitled as “Tabs from other devices.” This card will show all the recent pages and websites you visited on another device using Chrome recently.

One-time Permission

Camera, microphone, and/or location access on a browser can hamper privacy. Google has been offering one-time permission for a while on Android and iOS now. This feature is coming to Chrome shortly with Chrome Version 122. Worth mentioning that you can use this feature from Chrome Flags, which is now an experimental feature. Upon enabling this feature, the next time a website asks for camera, microphone, and/or location access permission, a dialog box will pop up with permission options, which you can “Allow this time,” “Allow on every visit,” or “Don’t allow” at all.

PDF Reader

Even though we do not need a PDF reader on a desktop, Android needs a dedicated PDF reader to view a PDF file. Google Chrome Version 122 will bring a dedicated PDF reader for Android. Thus, you will not need any other app to open a PDF file on your Android device.

Boarding Pass Detector

Sometimes you need to get boarding passes in your browser if you do not want to use certain Airline apps. Google Chrome will detect boarding passes on Android with Chrome Version 122. This feature works on certain airline URLs provided by Google. Boarding Pass Detector may get extended compatibility, such as for buses or trains in the future.

Web App Notifications

Chrome Version 122 will allow web apps to show notifications. On Windows or macOS, web app notifications will pop up showing native app icons instead of Chrome’s icon. You will be able to customize any incoming notifications on Chrome Version 122.

Wrapping up

Google Chrome Version 122 is undergoing final tests and will be available to all soon in March 2024. All these new features will surely enhance the overall user experience of Chrome. Be sure to check Google Play, App Store, and Chrome’s About section on desktop for the Google Chrome Version 122.

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