Google Contacts: New Widget Shows Contact’s Last Sent Message

Google Contacts: New Widget Shows Contact’s Last Sent Message

Google Contacts app is one of the most popular apps for Android users to manage contacts. The core features of the Contacts app, more or less, have remained the same since its release back in 2007. However, the Contacts app will receive a user interface redesign shortly. Here are leaks that you may find interesting.

Several interesting Google Contacts features are under the flags currently.

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Recent update

Google previously updated the layout of the Contacts app and its individual contact widget in October 2023. At that time, the large circular individual contact widget layout was switched to a more pill-shaped or rectangular-shaped layout containing the contact image in the background, and a call and message icon in the right bottom corner.

Contacts with the last message

However, per 9to5Google, the Contacts app will get a new feature, allowing users to use a new individual widget. The widget will show the last message that the contact sent to you.

From the Contact app’s main page, a new filter icon with a hamburger menu has been seen upon enabling the new UI from the flags. This hamburger menu shows or hides navigational options, such as “Phone,” “Email,” and “Company.”

Apart from that, a new “plus” icon is seen in the search bar to add a new contact real quick. This may replace the floating action button to add new contacts in the future.

Wrapping up

Google Contacts offers a lot of productive functionalities. A new redesigned UI and a few new features will enhance the productivity of the app. However, most of the experimental and exciting features are under the flags right now. Hopefully, these features will be available to all soon.

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