YouTube Music: Offline Download Feature for Web

YouTube Music: Offline Download Feature for Web

YouTube Music for Web allows you to download offline music and podcasts on your desktop right now. YouTube Music has recently rolled out this feature.

Listening to your favorite music and podcasts offline via YT Music for Web is awesome.

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Update on YT Music Offline Download

Earlier this week, there were several leaks related to YouTube Music’s offline download feature for desktops. Right now, this feature is available. Currently, the feature is released to some users. Here’s an image of the aforementioned feature from Android Police.

However, YouTube did not mention anything about the availability of the feature yet. Within 1st week of March 2024, this feature either becomes exclusive to the Premium users only or everyone will get it.

Discovering YT Music Offline Download

Unlike Amazon Music and Spotify, YouTube Music does not have a desktop app right now. YouTube Music app for iOS and Android allows users to download tracks offline. However, the YT Music web app lacked this feature till earlier this week.

9to5Google published an article on February 25, 2024, referring to a “Downloads” tab in the YouTube Music web app. The tab was seen between the Library and Uploads tab. However, the URL from the leaked image,, did not show any such “Downloads” tab at that time.

Image from 9to5Google, YT Music Web App

It was not just 9to5Google but on February 23, 2024, a guy on Reddit also reported encountering such a “Downloads” tab in the YT Music web app. He thought this was “just a bug” or YouTube “accidentally pushed an unfinished implementation.”

YouTube Music “Downloads” Tab

Based on the image, it was seen that the “Downloads” tab allows users to download playlists, podcasts, songs, and albums. There was also a “Download Settings” option, probably to tweak the download quality.

Wrapping up

The YouTube Music web app has been a good companion for music lovers. Features like offline downloads via the web app may attract a lot of people to subscribe to the YouTube Music Premium plan. This will also open a lot of possibilities for the music fans. Hopefully, YouTube Music will look into the matter.

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