Apple Foldable: Leaks Suggest It is not an iPhone

Apple Foldable: Leaks Suggest It is not an iPhone

Apple Foldable, finally, has some precise updates. Previously, we have learned that Apple was looking into alternatives for its 2 prototype foldable devices due to screen failures. However, Apple’s upcoming foldable device may not be an iPhone.

Per a new leak, “various elements of a design are coming together, and the device will not be an iPhone.”

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Previous Leaks

On February 16, 2024, we received leaks from a person who works on Apple’s foldable project. According to the leak, “the two iPhone prototypes reportedly fold widthwise like a clamshell.” An Asian supplier informed supplying components for 2 foldable devices of different sizes as well. Apple’s goal was to reduce the crease of the display that forms due to the folding mechanism. Also, upon folding or unfolding, Apple was trying to make the units as flat as possible. For the foldable display, Apple was working with Samsung and LG. The prototypes, with Samsung’s latest fold mechanism, failed after 2-4 days of testing at that time. The report suggested that the screens were damaged. As end products did not meet certain Apple standards, Apple started to plan for alternatives.


Recently, we came to know that Apple is working on its foldable device and has not quit yet. A reliable supply chain report confirms the information. However, Apple Foldable will not feature an iPhone per leak. DigiTimes has reported that “various elements of a design are coming together, and the device will not be an iPhone.”

DigiTimes has a reputation for providing accurate supply chain information. According to leaks, the initial foldable device from Apple will be either an iPad or a MacBook Pro. However, a foldable MacBook Pro does not sound that promising. Then again, let’s stick to the facts. The device is in its early stages, under development and testing. Thus, this foldable device is not under Apple’s mass production for 2024 and 2025. It is assumed that Apple is planning to debut a foldable device in 2026.


This is getting interesting. Apple is eager to enter the foldable market, maybe with a foldable iPad and/or a MacBook Pro. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, asked engineers and developers for a 7-inch inward foldable iPhone back in 2018. However, the device did not reach production due to technical challenges, the hinge. This project was paused in 2020.

In recent years, Apple has tested and planned for several alternatives, one of which was a foldable iPad. Considering a handsome price tag and hands full of features, the company thought a foldable iPad could be a good start in the foldable market. Thus, Apple started working on a foldable iPad in 2020, which folds inward with an 8-inch screen per leaks and rumors.

Wrapping up

Apple Foldable is a long-expected device. Different leaks, at times, suggested differently. However, we came closer to knowing about the upcoming foldable device by Apple. Hopefully, we will be able to see a foldable iPad and/or a MacBook Pro in 2026. Stay tuned or Bookmark this article for more leaks.

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