Apple iPad Mini 7 Leaks: With an 8.7-inch OLED display in 2025

Apple iPad Mini 7 Leaks: With an 8.7-inch OLED display in 2025

Apple iPad Mini 7 has potential leaks and rumors right now. It is expected that the new iPad Mini will feature a new display panel, upgraded chipset, improved battery life, and better gaming performance. Here are the anticipated features of Apple’s 7th-gen iPad Mini. 

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Apple iPad Mini 7’s gaming experience will be similar to gaming consoles per leaks. 

Design and build

Apple iPad Mini 7 will feature the same design as the iPad Mini 6, with an aluminum chassis. There will be less design changes for the 7th-gen iPad Mini.   

Display and screen

Some leaks highly suggest that the iPad Mini 7 may feature an 8.7-inch OLED display. However, the previous iPad Mini had an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina IPS LCD panel. Apple may improve the display for a better user experience.


Even though you may be thinking the 7th-gen iPad Mini will be powered by an M1 chip, Apple plans otherwise. As this iPad Mini will not obtain much change design-wise, Apple thinks a new and powerful chip will be a good selling point. Keeping that in mind, the iPad Mini 7 will house Apple’s A17 Pro Bionic chipset.   


With the new OLED display and a power-efficient SoC, Apple iPad Mini 7 will provide top-notch performance. Speaking of which, the gaming experience on the 7th-gen iPad Mini will be similar to game consoles per leaks and rumors. Apart from that, a significant improvement in battery life may also be experienced. Moreover, the upcoming iPad Mini will have 128 GB base storage instead of 64 GB. You can expect 6 GB RAM, upgraded from the 4 GB RAM of the iPad Mini 6.   


Previously, Apple bumped the price of the iPad Mini 6 to $499. It is expected that Apple will keep the same price for the upcoming iPad Mini with an upgraded OLED display.

Release date

The 7th-gen iPad Mini will debut in late 2024 or 2025. As Apple’s iPad Pro and iPad Air models are coming soon with a lot of new features, Apple may delay the release of the new iPad Mini until 2025.

iPad Mini 7 vs iPad Mini 6

Here is an overall summary of the comparison between the iPad Mini 7 and iPad Mini 6.

SpecsiPad Mini 7iPad Mini 6
Display8.7-inch OLED8.3-inch LCD
SoCA17 Pro BionicA15 Bionic
Base storage128 GB 6 GB RAM64 GB 4 GB RAM
Release dateLate-2024/2025September 2021

Wrapping up

Apple iPad Mini 7 leaks are very suggestive of a great small-sized tablet. With an OLED panel and A17 Pro Bionic chipset, this tablet will outperform most other tablets with similar prices and specs. If you are into mobile gaming, this is going to be a great option. Stay tuned for more updates.

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