Samsung Galaxy Ring: First Impression

Samsung Galaxy Ring: First Impression

Samsung Galaxy Ring has been confirmed at the Mobile World Congress 2024. Previously, Samsung teased everyone with a glimpse of the Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy Unpacked event in January 2024. We, now, have a clear idea about the Galaxy Ring. Here are things that you might find interesting as well.

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Build and Colors

Galaxy Ring will be available in 9 different sizes from 5 to 13 with 3 color options, such as Gold, Silver, and Black. Samsung said that the ring will feature a shiny finish overall. The weight of the upcoming Galaxy Ring will range between 2.3 grams and 2.9 grams based on size. The Oura Ring, the most popular smart ring right now, weighs between 4 grams and 6 grams.


At this point, Samsung tried to reveal as little information as they could. Thus, we know very little about the features of the ring. The Galaxy Ring will feature “My Vitality Score,” which indicates physical and mental preparedness based on 4 key aspects — a model from the University of Georgia. The key aspects are sleep, activity, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. There will also be “Booster Cards” for health goals. However, Samsung states related to My Vitality Score and Booster Card that these features “will be made available on Samsung Health within 2024. Availability may vary by market, carrier, or wearable device.” Apart from these, Samsung also mentioned having a partnership with the Natural Cycles birth control app for fertility tracking with the ring.


Well, Samsung did not tell much as they are planning a surprise with the ring. However, the company did mention offering industry “leading” sensors to collect health data.

Battery life

Samsung informed us that the Galaxy Ring will have a great battery life. Galaxy Ring has a battery capacity ranging from 14.5 mAh to 21.5 mAh based on the size. However, Samsung’s Vice-president, Dr. Hon Pak, did not specifically mention any number of days regarding the endurance.

“I can’t give you the exact amount (of days), but I think there’s a certain expectation in the market of ‘it’s gotta be more than just a couple of days.”

– Samsung’s Vice-president, Dr. Hon Pak

Here’s the thing, Oura rings last around 7 days on a single charge. Therefore, chances are high that the Galaxy Ring may feature at least a 10-day battery life. Then again, there is a “battery life vs functionality” aspect. Samsung further informed that they will be working to extend battery life before the release of the Galaxy Ring.

Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy Ring will be a great health-tracking device to have. It seems Samsung is working on a lot of features and will reveal everything with the release of the ring. At this point, we need to wait to welcome a great device. However, we will try to collect leaks. Stay tuned for more.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Leaks and Rumors

Samsung teased everyone with the Galaxy Ring back on January 17, 2024, at the Galaxy Unpacked event. Since then, we have collected several leaks.

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Build quality | Ports & sensors | Leaked features | Competitors | Price

Build quality

Samsung revealed the Galaxy Ring at the Mobile World Congress 2024 recently. The ring will come in 3 different colors with shiny finishes. Inside the ring, there will be ports and sensors, discussed later. Galaxy Ring may be rated as IP68 for dust and water resistance.

Ports and sensors

Being a health tracker, Galaxy Ring has sensors to collect data. It has pogo pins inside for charging. The teaser from Galaxy Unpacked January 2024 also shows that the ring contains a 2 x 2 sensor array, which is assumed to be associated with a heart rate monitoring sensor, SpO2 monitoring sensor, and so on.

Leaked features

Galaxy Ring will be equipped with several health-monitoring features. Samsung’s ring will also collect data from workouts and exercises, and it will process those data as Galaxy Watches do per leak.

Samsung briefly discussed sleep tracking via Galaxy Ring in their January 2024 event. Per leaks, the ring will track your sleep quality throughout the night and upload that data to the Samsung Health app. Samsung is working with this ring to detect sleep apnea precisely.

Samsung Health app will inform you about how many apneic events you encountered while you were asleep. The ring will also record the duration and time when your sleep was the deepest. Galaxy AI will be able to suggest healthy life choices to have restorative sleep at night based on those data.


Smart ring technology started its journey back in 2015 with Oura Ring, which is now in its 3rd generation. Ultrahuman Ring is another great product in this category. Samsung Galaxy Ring will be competing with these products in 2024. However, Galaxy AI will add benefits and features to the data collected by Galaxy Ring.


Considering the prices of Oura and Ultrahuman rings, $299 and $349 respectively, Galaxy Ring may have a price tag ranging from $249 to $449. Samsung may offer a pre-order incentive to motivate more customers to pick their rings over their competitors.

Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy Ring will be a great device to have for people of all ages. As the proverb goes, “health is wealth,” no one can compromise with that. You may find several reports about health-tracking wearable devices saving lives, for example, from the Apple Event of September 2023. Galaxy Ring will be a game changer as this will be easier to wear and use than smartwatches and smart bands.

Stay tuned for the full review. Comment below what your thoughts are. Share with your family and friends if you find this article interesting. Let us know if you have any leaks or want to share something with us. You can suggest technology to be explained by Xplnrs.

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