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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Overview

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Overview

Samsung Galaxy Ring was a teaser at the end of the Galaxy Unpacked Event in January 2024. Per a patent filed by Samsung in February 2023, the Galaxy Ring is a “wearable smart device in the nature of a smart ring for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness, and sleep-related information.” Galaxy Ring is a health tracker with some features that you may find useful.


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Build quality

Galaxy Ring is assumed to be made of premium metals. There may be 3 material finishes to choose from, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Inside the ring, there will be ports and sensors, discussed later. Outside the ring, there may be designs to differentiate between base and top-tier models. According to tech analyst Avi Greengart, this lightweight wearable will come in various ring sizes up to 22.2 mm in diameter. Galaxy Ring may be rated as IP68 for dust and water resistance.


Ports and sensors

Being a health tracker, Galaxy Ring must have some sensors to collect data. It has pogo pins inside for charging. The teaser from Galaxy Unpacked January 2024 also shows that the ring contains a 2 x 2 sensor array, which is assumed to be associated with a heart rate monitoring sensor, SpO2 monitoring sensor, and so on.




As mentioned before, the Galaxy Ring will be equipped with several health-monitoring features. Samsung’s ring will also collect data from workouts and exercises, and it will process those data as Galaxy Watches do. Apart from things that Galaxy Watches do, health-monitoring features are fairly new and intuitive in this smart ring.


Sleep tracking

Samsung briefly discussed sleep tracking via Galaxy Ring in their January 2024 event. The ring will track your sleep quality throughout the night and upload that data to the Samsung Health app. Samsung is working with this ring to detect sleep apnea precisely.


Samsung Health app will inform you about how many apneic events you encountered while you were asleep. The ring will also record the duration and time when your sleep was the deepest. Galaxy AI will be able to suggest healthy life choices to have restorative sleep at night based on those data.



Fall detection

According to WHO, “Each year an estimated 6,84,000 individuals die from falls globally.” That is about half the population of Hawaii. Several people are at risk when it comes to sudden falls regardless of their ages. Orthostatic hypotension or sudden dizziness can lead people to have a sudden fall who are taking heart medications or high-dose medications for a long time. Galaxy Ring will be able to detect sudden falls (due to orthostatic hypotension as well).


To discuss the working procedure of this feature, if someone falls suddenly, Galaxy Ring will send that data to the Galaxy Health app. Your Galaxy device will flag the event (Galaxy Ring needs to be connected to your Galaxy phone) and initiate a call to the emergency numbers. Your phone can also send your location to the emergency numbers via a text message.


Currently, emergency numbers are set by the user via the Samsung Contacts app and these services are triggered if you press the power button of your Galaxy phone 5 times in a row. However, Samsung’s ring will make this feature more efficient. If you fall and lose consciousness, you will not be able to press the power button of your Galaxy phone 5 times. With the Samsung Galaxy Ring, this will be a very life-saving feature for older people.



Irregular heart rate monitoring

According to the British Heart Foundation (Global Heart & Circulatory Diseases Factsheet January 2024), “Around 620 million people are living with heart and circulatory diseases across the world – this number has been rising due to changing lifestyles, an aging, and growing population, and improved survival rates from heart attacks and strokes – and will continue to rise if these trends continue.”


Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heartbeat, which sometimes leads to blood clots, strokes, heart failures, and other cardiovascular complications. According to the American Heart Association, “researchers focused on 2,76,373 people ages between 35 to 84 who died between 2011 and 2018 from cardiovascular disease related to AFib.”


Looking at those stats, an irregular heart rate can be a nightmare. Luckily, Galaxy Ring will be able to detect that. Upon encountering an irregular heart rate, Galaxy Ring and Galaxy AI will be able to take measures the same way they would do if someone had a sudden fall (discussed above).



Skin temperature monitoring

Well, this is a fancy feature. Pixel 8 Pro has a similar feature. Skin temperature will determine your body temperature as the name suggests. Not an essential feature but it is good to know how your body is doing overall.



Smart ring technology started its journey back in 2015 with Oura Ring, which is now in its 3rd generation. Ultrahuman Ring is another great product in this category. Samsung Galaxy Ring will be competing with these products in 2024. However, Galaxy AI will add benefits and features to the data collected by Galaxy Ring.



Considering the prices of Oura and Ultrahuman rings, $299 and $349 respectively, Galaxy Ring may have a price tag ranging from $249 to $449. Samsung may offer a pre-order incentive to motivate more customers to pick their rings over their competitors.


Here’s the thing, the Samsung Health app has been around for a while now. Currently, health data is collected from Galaxy Watches. To maintain data and health features, a large budget is required. Companies like Oura now charge around $5.99 to its users to access advanced health data, after paying $299 for the Oura ring itself. As the Samsung Health app is free, charges for the budget as mentioned above may add up to the price of Galaxy Ring thus making it a bit expensive on the top-tier variants.



Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy Ring will be a great device to have for people of all ages. As the proverb goes, “health is wealth,” no one can compromise with that. A lot of lives may be saved once this technology reaches mass people. You may find several reports about health-tracking wearable devices saving lives, for example, from the Apple Event of September 2023. Galaxy Ring will be a game changer as this will be easier to wear and use than smartwatches and bands.


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