Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra already has several leaks and rumors. Even though there is a year ahead before the Galaxy S25 Ultra comes, Samsung has already started working on it. Here are the Samsung Galaxy S25U leaks that we have collected so far.

Samsung is planning a custom Exynos chip for the Galaxy S25 series.

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Hardware and Software

Well, Samsung is planning a lot about the hardware of the Galaxy S25 series. We have leaks that suggest that Samsung may skip Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8 Gen4 SoC for the Galaxy S25 series. The company is working on its next-generation in-house Exynos chip, Exynos 2500. Samsung will use Foundry’s second-generation 3 nm fabrication process for this SoC, which may outperform Snapdragon® 8 Gen4.

Apart from that, you may see an upgrade in the RAM, capped at 16 GB. Base storage will be 256 GB.

Design and Build

Starting with design, Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra may come with a higher-grade Titanium chassis. There can be some design changes, but overall, the Galaxy S25U will look similar to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Speaking of which, the S Pen may receive new textures.

Display and Screen

The Galaxy S25 Ultra may feature a massive ~ 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display (1440p, 120 Hz, and improved anti-glare coating) next year. Apart from this, there are no concrete leaks about the display right now.


As far as we know, Galaxy S25U may debut with a 5-camera array in 2025. Camera specs are not clear yet. However, rumors suggest that there will be 2 columns in the camera module. The first column will house 3 different cameras, while the second column will feature 2 other cameras with a flash in between them.

Moreover, Galaxy S25 Ultra may feature a face lock to ensure top-notch security. Having Galaxy AI in hand, it would be easier for Samsung to develop an efficient facial recognition feature. Therefore, the front camera cut-out may adopt a new design with a new camera sensor as well.

Wrapping up

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra may feature a lot of new hardware and software changes. As Galaxy AI is getting popular, Samsung prefers to create its ecosystem to house all the Galaxy devices. The Galaxy S25 series will be the upcoming one. Stay tuned to learn more about new leaks and rumors.

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